It all starts here...

Would you like to work with us? we are always looking for people who have an interest in working in the SharePoint world - especially if they are good in solving problems. If you are the kind of person who can face a challange, send us your resume and we can discuss further. You do have to be and Australian citizen, either living in Canberra or willing to move to Canberra.

Can you solve this?

Along with your CV, send us your solution for the following challange:

Write a PowerShell script that is properly documented, easy to read and understand and achieves the following task:

  1. Runs on a sharepoint server
  2. Allows the user to specify 2 sharepoint libraries (anywhere in the farm)
  3. scans one library, and then the other, and then reports (we leave it to you how to do the reporting - impress us!):
    3.1 what files the first library has that the first does not
    3.2 what files the second library has that the first does not
    3.3 what files are equal in both libraries (including same relative path)

Take your time and send us a sample script with instructions on how to test it. The better your script is, the more impressed we will be!

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Please upload your CV and solution as a zip file to a file sharing service and provide the link to download it here.