KWizCom Forms App (Office 365)

True SharePoint-native Forms & Workflow app for SharePoint and Office 365, designed for non-technical business-users!

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KWizCom Forms (On Premises)

Who says you need to be a power-user to create dynamic forms?

KWizCom Forms is the ONLY forms solution that is specifically designed for non-technical end-users, allowing business users to effortlessly create powerful, flexible web and mobile forms.

This revolutionary add-on enhances SharePoint's existing list forms and does not replace it by proprietary custom forms (such as InfoPath, for example). This means that you continue to use the good old SharePoint lists without any need to learn and deploy new and complex external forms technology.


Extelligent Design Best Practices Analysis

How Healthy is your SharePoint Environment? We can check

This special offer includes the following services:

  • Analysis of your SharePoint environment using our diagnostic tools.
  • 1 hour workshop where we discuss the analysis results.
  • Provide you with a detailed report.
  • Our recommendation for remediation.